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Victory by faith

Wednesday November 15, 2023

Theme: “Victory by faith

Text: Psalms 116:1-19

1. I love the LORD, because he hears My voice, my supplications; 2. For he has inclined his ear to me; And I will invoke him all my life. 3. The bonds of death had surrounded me, And the anguish of the grave had seized me; I was in distress and pain… 5. The LORD is merciful and just, Our God is full of compassion; 6. The LORD keeps the simple; I was unhappy, and he saved me. 7. Return to your rest, my soul, for the LORD has done you good. 8. Yes, you have delivered my soul from death, My eyes from tears, My feet from falling…

Let's remember:

The one and only best weapon constituting de facto the best choice is faith in God. Listening to God also means waiting for his response in reaction to our faith. Listening to the voice of God is in itself a source of calm. Every child of God must learn to say: "I love the Lord, for he hears my voice, my supplications; for he has inclined his ear to me." It is by faith that we recognize that God listens to us and hears us. Our faith must confess its esteem for the one who makes our heart beat. With faith, let us tell of the wonders of God and tell anyone who wants to hear how God reassures us and accompanies us day by day without fail. If we take the time to recount the goodness of God, we will help the faith of a large number of people to stay on course for eternity. Contemplating the works of God is an admission of our love for Him through our faith. Even if the bonds of death were to chain us, may our faith remain firm in Him who loosens the bonds of the prisoners who are among the guards, without warning. Pain, fights, struggles, misfortunes must not shake our faith; instead, our faith must work through these challenges in order to raise its level of performance.Whoever puts his faith in the Lord receives favor from God. God listens and answers the prayer of such a person. She does not languish in lamentations because the Lord God always arises to deliver her. Our choice for God must never change even when the bonds of death surround us, or when the anguish of the grave seizes us; including when we are in the grip of distress and pain. It is through a faith that triumphs that we are able to recognize that the Lord is merciful, just and full of compassion. Have a great Wednesday. AmenAlain Louz.-

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