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The testimony of the Christian in a perverse world

​Friday May 3, 2024

Theme: “The testimony of the Christian in a perverse world

Text: Acts 17:22-30

22. Paul, standing in the midst of the Areopagus, said: Men of Athens, I find you in every respect extremely religious. 23. For, traveling through your city and considering the objects of your devotion, I even discovered an altar with this inscription: To an unknown god! What you revere without knowing it, this is what I announce to you. 24. The God who made the world and all that is in it, being the Lord of heaven and earth, does not dwell in temples made with hands; 25. He is not served by human hands, as if he had need of anything, he who gives life and breathing and all things to all. 26. He made all men of one blood to dwell on all the face of the earth, having determined the length of time and the boundaries of their habitation; 27. he wanted them to seek the Lord, and to grope to find him, although he is not far from each of us, 28. for in him we have life, movement , and being. This is what some of your poets have also said: Of him we are the race... 29. Therefore, being the race of God, we must not believe that the divinity is similar to gold, silver, or stone, sculpted by the art and industry of man. 30. God, ignoring the times of ignorance, now announces to all men everywhere that they should repent,

Let's remember:

Paul testifies here before the Areopagus in Athens. Note that an Areopagus is a meeting of learned men; people who have mastery of exact science, art, culture, civilization, in short, well-educated men. He spoke in front of the country's elite who are the symbol of all the intelligentsia of ancient Greece. This country was one of the most advanced in terms of various sciences and philosophies. Certainly today we would talk about the Faculty Council of the Sorbonne (France), the CIA if not Massasuchetts University (USA). Before the sharpened minds, Paul gives the testimony of the God Creator of heaven and earth. He puts back at the center of their concern the One they had ignored, the God who was unknown to them. Thanks to this testimony, the Areopagus was informed of the existence of a God author of both ephemeral earthly life and eternal life. Speaking in front of experienced intellectuals requires continuity in ideas, arrangement and coordination of the speech. Fortunately, Paul spoke under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, himself being a well-educated man who learned at the feet of Gamaliel. To go and witness to God before an uncontrolled crowd, you must prepare yourself spiritually and above all let yourself be led by the Holy Spirit. Let us each time be ready to let the Holy Spirit lead us to give an excellent testimony of our Lord Jesus Christ, and attract the elite to salvation. Excellent Friday and good start to the weekend. Amen

Alain Louz.-

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