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The Christian, Equipped for Service

Thursday, June 1, 2023

Theme: “The Christian, Equipped for Service Text: 1 Corinthians 12:1-6

1. As far as spiritual gifts are concerned, I do not want you, brethren, to be ignorant. 2. You know that when you were pagans, you let yourselves be drawn towards dumb idols, according as you were led. 3. Therefore I declare to you that no one, if he speaks by the Spirit of God, says: Jesus is accursed! and that no one can say: Jesus is the Lord! except by the Holy Spirit. 4. There are diversity of gifts, but the same Spirit; 5. diversity of ministries, but the same Lord; 6. diversity of operations, but the same God who operates all in all.

Let's remember:

The Christian, equipped for service would mean that God has given him the equipment, the weapons, the assets, the teammates, the faith, the gifts and abilities, the intelligence/wisdom, in short, all the possible potential that can help the Christian in view of an activity, of a specific use. It is to avoid the life of resourcefulness that God has equipped the Christian with various gifts. We are equipped with the gifts of the Spirit for the blessing and benefit of God's people; including ourselves. Let's not be in denial, let's not be ignorant about our Christian life. The Christian is led by the Holy Spirit. It is the greatest gift there is. To be equipped with the Holy Spirit is sublime. It is the equipment par excellence received from God, and which is none other than his own reduced person in us. The Holy Spirit is unique and identical everywhere in the world. There is no capitalist Holy Spirit, another communist, another modern, a Holy Spirit from Europe or Africa, in short, it is the same Spirit for everyone. He acts with the same love and the same power. He operates with the same attention, the same promptness for service. The way to operate may differ depending on the case and the place. The Spirit with whom we are equipped acts according to his will but always for service. Excellent month of June. Amen Alain Louz.-

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