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The Christian and debts

Sunday May 22, 2022

Theme : “ The Christian and debts Text : Psalms 37:21-26

21. The wicked borrow, and he does not return; The righteous is compassionate, and he gives. 22. For those whom the LORD blesses possess the land, and those whom he curses are cut off. 23. The LORD makes firm the steps of a man, And he delights in his way; 24. If he falls, he is not struck down, For the Lord takes his hand. 25. I was young, I grew old; And I have not seen the righteous forsaken, Nor his posterity begging for bread. 26. Always he is compassionate, and he lends; And his posterity is blessed.

Let's remember:

We are not permitted to lead a life like that of the wicked. They borrow and refuse to repay. It's a straight-up scam. Those who lend do so to help the needy. In return, if it is necessary to refuse to restore their debt, God can strike curse such people in order to correct them. Let us also learn to leave our debts when the debtor is really in difficulty of payment. Certain situations can make it difficult to pay a debt. Another lesson to be learned; learn to share instead of lend; according to the means at our disposal. If our neighbor wants a loan of $100, we can share it with him; if not, donate $50; this contribution saves him the debt. By dint of doing good to our fellow men, God will take care of bailing out our game bag so that we will lack nothing. In the day of our distress, people will flock to our door to help us. No righteous can be abandoned. Acts 9:35-41 teaches us about Tabitha Dorcas whom God had brought back to life, following the grievances of the widows she cared for. Excellent Sunday. Amen Alain Louz.-

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