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Prepare yourself to meet the Lord

Monday December 11, 2023

Theme: “Prepare yourself to meet the Lord

Text: Amos 4:12-13

12. Therefore I will do the same to you, Israel; And since I will treat you in the same way, Prepare yourself to meet your God, O Israel! 13. For this is he who formed the mountains and created the wind, and makes his thoughts known to man, who turns the dawn into darkness, and walks on the heights of the earth: his name is LORD, the God of hosts.

Let's remember:

The Eternal God hides nothing from us in all his predictions. He warns us of events that will happen and that will shake up our lives. This is why he asks us to prepare ourselves so as not to be surprised by the sequence of events. The prophet Amos announces the oracle of God in order to push us to seriously question our journey. We must ask ourselves if we are on the right track; the one that leads to meeting the coming King. The tone used in these verses is firm and rigorous since God did not want Israel to miss the sacred appointment of the meeting with his Son. This injunction determines God's will to involve the large number of Israelis in the process of salvation. The prophet Amos does well to explain how God challenges the Israelites to prepare to meet Him in a terrifying confrontation of judgment because they refuse to repent. The Lord put them through famine, drought, crop failure, locusts, plagues, war and overthrow but none of this brought repentance. Long story short, God said this: “prepare to meet your God, O Israel.” God also gave a brief description of his calling card as being the one who formed the mountains and created the wind, the one who makes known to man his thoughts, the one who changes the dawn into darkness, and who walks on the heights of the earth: His name is the LORD God of hosts. After all this insistence, how can we not prepare ourselves to meet the Lord? Time is running out and his arrival is imminent; let's be ready and keep our lamps lit. Have a great Monday. Amen

Alain Louz.-

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