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Let us give thanks to the Lord for the year that ending

Sunday January 2, 2022

Theme : " Let us give thanks to the Lord for the year that ending " Text : Exodus 15: 1-2

1. Then Moses and the children of Israel sang this song to the Lord. They said, I will sing to Jehovah, for he hath burst forth his glory; He threw the horse and his rider into the sea. 2. The LORD is my strength and the subject of my praise; It was he who saved me. He is my God: I will celebrate him; He is the God of my father: I will exalt him.

Let us remember:

When the seasons of life are linked, leaving behind challenges won by the Eternal God on our behalf; we owe it to ourselves to celebrate the greatness of this God. Moses, Mary and all the people could not contain themselves in the face of the gigantic feat made by God. The most immediate reflex was to sing thanksgiving in honor of Yahweh. Those who promised them carnage were thrown into the sea without any surviving. It was like a dream when it is reality. Let us review the exploits lived and sing a new song in honor of the Almighty God of deliverance. Let us sing to the Lord, for he hath burst forth his glory; He routed our jealous people, our detractors. He made our long-fought projects triumph. He saved our families from sickness. Let us give thanks for the wonders of God. The Lord is our strength and the subject of our praise; He is the one who saved our company, our community, our country. He is our God. Excellent Thanksgiving Sunday. Amen Alain Louz.-

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