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Pay your debts, you will make yourself a lever for enrichment

Monday, November 1, 2021

Theme : " Pay your debts, you will make yourself a lever for enrichment " Text : Deuteronomy 15: 1-3

1. Every seven years, you will take a break. 2. And here is how the release will be observed. When the release in honor of the Lord has been published, any creditor who has made a loan to his neighbor will relax his rights, he will not urge his neighbor and his brother to pay his debt. 3. You can hurry the stranger; but you will slacken your right for what belongs to you with your brother.

Let us remember :

The Eternal God, in his surge of love, wants each time to draw the hearts of his people towards Him. He finds circumstances to be reconciled with the people. This is why he had established the sacrifice of the lamb every morning and evening, the Sabbath every week, the new moon every month, the passover every year, the tithes every 3 years, the release every 7 years, the jubilee every 50 years. These moments favored the meeting of Man with his creator for a holy communion. The main message of these solemnities is the glory of God and the blessing of man. Thus, the year of spring break was the promise of a happy time when all debts were forgotten, loans purged, free from all burdens. Let us pay our debts including the debt of sanctification in order to rejoice the heart of God. Not paying your debt is a scam. Often God gives man enough to pay his debt, but like a bad manager, the miserly man refuses to pay his debts. Excellent Monday. Amen! Alain Louz.-

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