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Be reconciled with God

Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Theme : " Be reconciled with God " Text : Acts 15: 37-40

37. Barnabas also wanted to take John, nicknamed Mark; 38. But Paul thought it better not to take with them him who had left them from Pamphylia, and who had not accompanied them in their work. 39. This disagreement was strong enough to cause them to separate from each other. And Barnabas, taking Mark with him, embarked for the island of Cyprus. 40. Paul chose Silas and set out, recommended by the brethren by the grace of the Lord.

Let us remember :

In order to do God's work without compromise, there are decisions that must be made. Some of them are difficult and require a lot of courage. Above all, our decision-making must prioritize the interests of Christ so as not to jeopardize the noble mission. Thus, all our work must help to reconcile us with God; and to reconcile our neighbor with God. The multiple conflicts and divisions in Christian circles are proof of our pride, our lack of forgiveness, conciliation, love but also our lack of temperance. There are decisions that can precipitate our neighbor in hell. Let us know that the devil is working hard to separate us from God. It builds on our sensibilities by fanning the flame of condemnation, discredit and intolerance. Our zeal must not go beyond the limits of the Word of God at the risk of going against it. Excellent Tuesday. Amen Alain Louz.-

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