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Your offering is an act of faith that speaks in your favor

​Tuesday June 25, 2024

Theme: “Your offering is an act of faith that speaks in your favor

Text: Malachi 1:8

8. When you offer a blind beast as a sacrifice, is it not wrong? When you offer one that is lame or crippled, is that not bad? So offer it to your governor! Will he receive you well, will he welcome you? Says the LORD of hosts.

Let's remember:

An offering made to God must be wholesome and holy. Our offering must be an offering of value. Respect obliges us to give what costs us a good price and not what we stole or collected. When an offering has no value, it also has no value before God. There are bad offerings that betray our lack of love for God. Even within our families, we do not give just anything to ours. A mother gives the best parts of the chicken to her family; she throws away everything that is bad. No one has ever eaten chicken feathers. Why would we give this kind of offering to God? A sacrificial offering must be pleasing in the sight of God. God only loves and accepts offerings without blemish. When an offering has one or more defects, it is a profane offering, a vile and unsacred offering. The starting point of an offering remains the heart of the sacrificer. The offering is a gift of self, the gift coming from the heart. A willing heart only gives the best of itself. If we can make an offering that has a defect, let us also accept that God gives us bad things. But what comes from God is not followed by any sorrow. Because he loves us, God only gives us what is valuable. Let us do the same, let us give to God what is of great price. Excellent Tuesday. Amen

Alain Louz.-

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