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Your offering is an act of faith that speaks in your favor

​Monday June 24, 2024

Theme: “Your offering is an act of faith that speaks in your favor

Text: Philippians 4:18-19

18. I have received all things, and I have abundance; I have been filled with good things, receiving from Epaphroditus what comes from you like a sweet odor, a sacrifice that God accepts and is pleasing to him. 19. And my God will supply all your need according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus.

Let's remember:

The offering is an act of gratitude to God. It is the expression of a heart that exudes the grace of God. The offering is the language of a worshipper; it is a life or even a priesthood. The offering is a sacrifice, it is the gift of oneself. Indeed, the most important thing for God is not the money, the gift, the fat; for God what matters most is the impulse or disposition of heart, it is the attitude that bubbles in the mind of the giver. It is this attitude that determines the value of an offering. The offering is only valid if the person is free to give; otherwise it becomes forcing. When we organize a collection of offerings for any cause, it is imperative to direct everything to the accomplishment of the said cause. It is excluded to make retentions, this would denote a misappropriation of the chapter; and a lack of consistency and fidelity. Paul says that he received everything that was sent to him without any retention and he is satisfied. Epaphrodite is of good morality, he is a good manager. The offering must give off a scent of good odor since it is a sacrifice made to God. The Lord rejects certain offerings that reek of pride, theft, coercion... but He rewards those who make their offerings with a willing heart. The best offering that God expects is our heart. Jesus is the offering par excellence made to the world. Have a great Monday. Amen

Alain Louz.-

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