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“You shall not speak false witness against your neighbor

​Saturday May 25, 2024

Theme: “You shall not speak false witness against your neighbor

Text: Proverbs 24:28

28. Do not testify lightly against your neighbor; Would you like to deceive with your lips?

Let's remember:

The adverbial phrase “slightly” means in a light manner, thoughtlessly, without much thought. “Slightly” also means: in a negligible way, without giving any interest. We are told not to bear witness lightly against our neighbor. This means not confirming or denying the truth, in any negligible way, without much thought. Each testimony requires a moment of reflection in order to be consistent with the truth. Our testimony must be credible and honest, devoid of levity. We must not notice a lack of seriousness and foresight in our testimony. On the contrary, the seriousness of our testimony must be a guarantee of transparency and good morality. We must know that bringing our testimony to the outcome of a situation would make this cause certain and true. On the other hand, if we overturn it, it will deny, call into question, weaken, diminish the credibility of the cause. This is why our intervention must be made without bias, without corruption, without lies, without revenge, without any other form of trial. Would we deceive with our lips? Will we harm someone so much as to cause them to be condemned by our careless testimony? Does our neighbor deserve a sentence based on flawed testimony? No! It is written: Thou shalt not speak false witness against thy neighbor. Have a great Saturday. Amen

Alain Louz.-

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