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The young girl and entrepreneurship

Sunday October 15, 2023

Theme: “The young girl and entrepreneurship Text: 2 Timothy 2:6

6. The plowman must work before collecting the fruits.

Let's remember:


It’s too easy to sit at home and want to get rich without working. This is not conceivable in God's plan. And even humanly, it is inappropriate to want an effect without a cause when it is the cause that causes the effect. Inactivity is the symbol of lack of seriousness. This is proof that the person is irresponsible and disrespectful of their neighbor, because they will live at their expense. As long as the young girl does not take her destiny into her own hands by entering into entrepreneurship, she will always be relegated to the background, she will never benefit from her potential and will never exploit it. Entrepreneurship must be a kind of positive “obsession” for the young girl in order to break the ice of the limits imposed on her. The young girl is endowed with a talent identical to that of a young man. Many young girls excel in creativity to the point of setting up ingenious start-ups. When a girl enters entrepreneurship, she is more likely to have funding compared to a young man for the same project, with equal opportunity, because all organizations give a boost to the emancipation of young people. girl. This is why the young girl must stand up to take charge of her destiny and seek out the funding that is available. Young girl, get up and get involved in entrepreneurship in order to be a business leader and stand on your own two feet. You will be successful in your undertakings, you will succeed; Above all, don’t forget to put God before all your undertakings. Excellent Sunday. Amen Alain Louz.-

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