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The young girl and entrepreneurship

Wednesday October 11, 2023

Theme: “The young girl and entrepreneurship Text: Proverbs 14:23-24

23. All work brings abundance, But empty words only lead to scarcity. 24. Wealth is a crown to the wise; The madness of fools is always madness.

Let's remember:

On this International Day of the Young Girl, our thoughts go out to these girls who suffer from all kinds of violence, mistreatment and various gender-related discrimination; we wish them a speedy recovery in order to face the challenges of entrepreneurship. We take advantage of condemning these retrograde attitudes from another age and which border on contempt for our neighbors. Shame on those who look down on girls. The young girl must seek to find happiness by engaging in the field of entrepreneurship. If it lacks training, these days, several digital tools provide training at all costs and even at no cost. Obviously, the qualification would require putting your hand in your pocket, but it is possible to access the knowledge by consulting certain dedicated websites. Any professional field provides abundance, provided that it does not degrade morals and ethics, and that it respects the standards of hygiene, health, safety and fairness at work. Let's not discourage girls who are looking for opportunities to access work that would bring them abundance. On the other hand, the girl who spends her time twiddling her thumbs and who prefers idleness; she will not advance any further. The young girl must avoid saying bad things because empty words only lead to scarcity. We must instead think about generating wealth. Have a great Wednesday. Amen Alain Louz.-

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