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The life of Daniel: what lessons for us?

Sunday September 5, 2021

Theme : “ The life of Daniel: what lessons for us? " Text : Daniel 6: 1-4

1. Darius saw fit to establish over the kingdom a hundred and twenty satraps, who were to be throughout the kingdom. 2. He put three chiefs over them, of whom was Daniel, so that these satraps might give an account to them, and the king might not suffer any harm. 3. Daniel surpassed the rulers and satraps, because there was in him a superior spirit; and the king was thinking of establishing it over the whole kingdom. 4. So the rulers and satraps looked for an opportunity to accuse Daniel about the affairs of the kingdom. But they could not find any opportunity, or anything to take back, because he was faithful, and there was no fault or anything bad to be seen in him.

Let us remember :

Daniel led a life entirely devoted to the fear and respect of God. He was faithful to God and without compromise before men. He did not pour into the baseness of sin; rather he honored God and was devoted to Him. Such an attachment to God creates jealousy, but what does it matter! Would he be afraid of being jealous in order to no longer serve God? Far from there ! Daniel was endowed with a superior mind; spirit that exalted God; spirit of wisdom and revelation, spirit of strength and fear of the Lord, spirit by which he could say Abba Father. Daniel was right before God and men. No occasion was found, nor anything to take back, to have him dismissed. No guilt, no loophole that could open the door to the accuser of the children of God. His only secret was that he was faithful, so that there was no fault or anything bad in him. The king wanted to elevate him above all the people. Excellent Sunday. Amen Alain Louz.-

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