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The Christian, peacemaker

​Monday September 18, 2023

Theme: “The Christian, peacemaker Text: Proverbs 12:20

20. Deception is in the hearts of those who plot evil, but joy is to those who counsel peace.

Let's remember:

An artisan is an author, a person who causes the emancipation of a thing. He is a promoter of an ideal. He has a goal to achieve in the activity that characterizes him. We can still call him a worker or an actor. As for the word peace, it designates a situation of well-being, calm, prosperity and security. Peace can also be translated as circumstances that are not tainted by any fault. Peace is tranquility. The word peace has several variations in the East, such as Salem, Salaam, Châlôm / shalom; it is a state of mind but also a life, a behavior that must be perpetuated. In a King-priest dispensation, God is called the king of Salem, that is, the king of peace (Hebrews 7:2c). Thus each Christian must resemble his creator. The Christian must be a person who does peace work, who exercises combined techniques to achieve peace wherever he goes. He does not need other people to create a climate of peace. His inner life must be filled with peace. The reflection of his face, of his whole body, his actions and gestures must only reflect peace. He does not wait for peace to come from others. It is up to the Christian to establish peace and call others to adhere to it. Even when others refuse, the Christian must never tire of bringing peace. No semblance of peace should be demonstrated as this would reflect the pettiness and hypocrisy that are the antithesis of peace. Deception is in the hearts of those who plot evil. Whoever meditates evil is the enemy of peace. He who uses deception is just as much an enemy of peace. But joy is for those who counsel peace. A peacemaker is filled with joy. He lives in the joy of the Lord of peace. Excellent peaceful Monday. Amen AlainLouz.-

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