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The attachment to the current world places us in a state of false security

Friday, July 15, 2022

Theme : " The attachment to the current world places us in a state of false security " Text : Exodus 23:1-2

1. Thou shalt not spread false noise. You shall not join with the wicked to bear false witness. 2. Thou shalt not follow the multitude to do evil; and thou shalt not testify in a lawsuit by siding with the many, to violate justice.

Let's remember:

The current configuration of the world has established standards which are based on mass actions and reactions. To please the world that loves us, people are ready to validate falsehoods to avoid being in the minority. We then enjoy being on the side of the executioners, those who dictate the law; in spite of their injustices and all other unconformable considerations before God. To not take a stand would be to be fooled; we would be the man to kill. It is to avoid being cataloged as a weakling, an outcast, a "bad guy", a thug that one feels obliged to join the bad camp of the real persecutors; wolves dressed in lambskin. It's just to feel "safe" that we go there and not for reasons of conviction. In one's heart one knows well that one is on the opposite side to God. The much sought-after false security will be acquired, but at the cost of a suspicious and culpable partisanship; reprimandable by God. Let's not choose to go to one camp or another just so people don't label us. Let's go for the sake of establishing biblical truth; in the concern to represent the kingdom of God and his justice in the middle of the pagans who have a stone in place of the heart. Excellent Friday of justice. Amen Alain Louz.-

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