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Singing as a means of expression and communication of the gospel

Wednesday August 18, 2021

Theme : " Singing as a means of expression and communication of the gospel " Text : Nehemiah 12:27

27. At the dedication of the walls of Jerusalem, the Levites were called from all the places where they lived, and they were brought to Jerusalem, to celebrate the dedication and the feast with praise and with songs, to the sound of cymbals, lutes and harps.

Let us remember :

The great celebrations are made by means of spiritual hymns. This is why the best celebrants and their teams are mobilized to conduct the worship festivities according to the standards established by the race of Levites. We do not come to stand before the throne of glory and start singing without sanctifying ourselves. The Levites took a long time to prepare; long weeks of sanctification and consecration without which no one could pronounce the Name of the Lord. Sometimes in our celebrations, events take the place of the celebrated Jesus. Praise during the dedication of a temple or a wall should not be used to glorify the beauty of the buildings (temples / walls). It is the person of God who must be the center of the expression of the songs. The communication and expression of any song should honor God. Also, let's avoid worshiping the Levites no matter how beautiful their voices are. Excellent praise Wednesday. Amen Alain Louz.-

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