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Overcoming the worries of difficult times

Sunday May 9, 2021

Theme : " Overcoming the worries of difficult times " Text : 1 Samuel 1: 9-18

9. Hannah arose after they had eaten and drunk in Shiloh. The priest Eli was seated on a seat near one of the poles of the temple of the Lord. 10. And bitterness in her soul, she prayed to the Lord and wept. 11. She made a vow, saying, Lord of hosts! if you deign to look upon the affliction of your handmaid, if you remember me and do not forget your handmaid, and if you give your handmaid a male child, I will consecrate him to the Lord for all the days of her life , and the razor will not pass over his head. 12. As she prayed a long time before the Lord, Eli observed her mouth. 13. Anne spoke in her heart, and only moved her lips, but her voice was not heard. Eli thought that she was drunk, 14. And he said to her, How long wilt you be drunk? Pass your wine. 15. Anne answered, No, my lord, I am a woman suffering in her heart, and I have not drunk wine or intoxicating drink; but I poured out my soul before the Lord. 16. Do not take your maidservant for a perverted woman, for it is the excess of my pain and my sorrow that has made me speak up until now. 17. Eli answered and said, Go in peace, and the God of Israel hear your prayer which you have addressed to him. 18. She said, "May your handmaid find favor in your eyes!" And this woman went away. She ate, and her face was different.

Let us remember:

In difficult times, let us seek God and his help. Popular wisdom teaches us this: "In exceptional circumstances, exceptional measures". Likewise, when times are difficult, the Christian must bring out the strongest spiritual “armada”. The words of the mouth must give way to the words of the heart. In other words, we must be silent and let the silence of the heart speak. There are prayers that are very eloquent and well structured. Yes, they have their place and their circumstance. However, when the soul is mortified and bruised, structured words no longer have a place; we must move to the next level of drunkenness in the soul. You have to pour out your heart before God to the point of surprising the great men of God. All this must take place before God and his throne; the only place that gives us assistance and salvation over the generations. Excellent Sunday before the throne of God. Amen Alain Louz.-

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