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Lord, help my unbelief

Wednesday July 14, 2021

Theme : " Lord, help my unbelief " Text : Jude 1: 5-7

5. I want to remind you, who know all these things very well, that the Lord, after having saved the people and brought them out of the land of Egypt, afterwards destroyed the unbelievers; 6. that he reserved for the judgment of the great day, eternally chained by darkness, the angels who did not keep their dignity, but who forsook their own home; 7. That Sodom and Gomorrah and the neighboring cities, who like them indulged in fornication and in unnatural vices, are set as an example, suffering the punishment of an eternal fire.

Let us remember :

Make no mistake about it! The Lord God will destroy unbelievers who do not want to follow his instructions. Moses who had led the perilous mission out of Egypt, this Moses did not enter the promised land he had so much praised. He was excluded by the Lord who prevented him from having access to it because he had failed in his mission. All the mighty men who came out of Egypt with him did not enter Canaan because of unbelief. Our hesitations, our doubts, our vacillations, our wanderings, our murmurs, our stammering, our anger, our levity and all that is similar will be severely punished by the divine authority. All attitudes that nourish our unbelief will be blamed and excluded from before the face of God. Come out of unbelief while we have the opportunity and the means. Let us call on Jesus to come to our rescue. Excellent Wednesday in Christ. Happy feast to the French. Amen Alain Louz.-

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