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Looking back prevents progress

Sunday July 9, 2023

Theme: “Looking back prevents progress Text: Philippians 3:12-15

12. It's not that I've already won the prize, or that I've already achieved perfection; but I run, to try to seize it, since I too have been seized by Jesus Christ. 13. Brethren, I don't think I got it; but I do one thing: forgetting what is behind and turning towards what is ahead, 14. I run towards the goal, to win the prize of God's heavenly calling in Jesus Christ. 15. All of us therefore who are perfect, have this same thought; and if you are of any other opinion in any respect, God will enlighten you on that also.


Let's remember:

Each stage of our past life is a challenge to be relegated to the background; we must no longer remain fixed on past performances or failures. Every day must be opportunities to reap new performances, by the grace of God. Day or night, let us forge better deeds that will prove that we are committed to inheriting the kingdom of God. Let's not be defeatist but let's multiply strategies to succeed where we failed yesterday. To believe oneself already perfect is a false idea, an illusion and even an act of spiritual pride. Paul did not believe he had arrived at the destination of salvation, but he ran again and again. Let us be careful that the feeling of self-satisfaction does not win us over. May humility not leave us during our earthly journey. Let us no longer look back at the risk of wrapping ourselves in vain pride, especially when we think of our past performance with our God. On the other hand, looking back can also discourage us if we revisit our failures in the work of God. This is why we must forget the past in order to no longer look back. Do not like to want to relive past joys or failures; it might cause us to look back. Let us forget what is behind and move towards what is ahead, and what is ahead is eternal life, salvation. Let's fly towards the goal, if we can't fly, let's run towards the goal, if we can't run, let's walk towards the goal; failing to walk, let us crawl until we reach the goal without looking back. Excellent Sunday. Amen Alain Louz.-

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