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Living the Protestant ethic in our families

Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Theme : " Living the Protestant ethic in our families " Text : Acts 1:14

14. All with one accord persevered in prayer, with the women, and Mary, mother of Jesus, and with the brothers of Jesus.

Let's remember:

The family is the basic unit of the Church. The family is the very essence of the Church, it is the fulcrum of the Church. The family of Jesus had taken flight in collective prayer. No matter the individual social situation, it is necessary that each member of the family join his approval to perseverance in prayer. The whole family must converge on the Christian life in prayer to form a real hearth burning with spiritual warmth. If within the family, some members are lukewarm, team spirit will never be born, the family circle will not take off collectively. This is why, let's encourage those who are dragging their feet, to quickly join the dance. Let us support each other in prayer and mutually submit our weaknesses to the favor of God for a collective strengthening. The Protestant ethic values the blossoming of prayer within the family circle. She encourages the members of a family to surround themselves with the love of God and to chase away all hints of resistance to faith in God. Great Tuesday with the family. Amen Alain Louz.-

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