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Live your youth in sanctification

Thursday, October 13, 2022

Theme: “Live your youth in sanctification" Text: 1 Timothy 5:13-15

13. With this, being idle, they learn to go from house to house; and not only are they idle, but also conversational and intriguing, saying what should not be said. 14. I therefore want young people to marry, to have children, to rule their homes, not to give the adversary any opportunity to gossip; 15. For already some have turned aside to follow Satan.

Let's remember:

This text is about young widows who are unstable in their thoughts. They are wavering, they make decisions dictated by pleasure. They lack firmness and let themselves go according to the flesh when they have recently lost a husband. The apostle Paul teaches us to live youth to the rhythm of the Word of God, without giving in to the desires of the flesh. We know that the flesh speaks louder than the spirit, it wants to have everything that attracts it, in defiance of the codes of spiritual, family, social life... Thus, we are told not to listen to the voice of the flesh because his desires are contrary to those of the Spirit. They are opposed so as not to do the will of God. Young people should not be idle, talkative, intriguing, slanderous, disagreeable, insolent in short, they should be distinguished by gentleness, temperance, lucidity, chastity, self-control and above all by obedience to their Lord Jesus -Christ. This is why Paul proposes that they marry in order to gain stability and dignity knowing that everything must be done in the Lord. Excellent Thursday. Amen Alain Louz.-

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