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Live well your widowhood as a Christian

Sunday June 27, 2021

Theme : " Live well your widowhood as a Christian " Text : Jeremiah 31: 15-17

15. Thus saith the LORD: There are cries of cry to Ramah, lamentations, and bitter tears; Rachel mourns her children; She refuses to be comforted for her children, For they are no more. 16. Thus saith the Lord: Hold back your weeping, hold back the tears from your eyes; For there will be a reward for your works, says the Lord; They will return from the land of the enemy. 17. There is hope for your future, says the Lord; Your children will return to their territory.

Let us remember :

We have pain / anxieties which end in crying. There are those who have become inconsolable so much the pain has pierced their hearts. The accumulation of sad events and the inability to find reliable solutions are aggravating factors. Fortunately God reassures us; Yahweh takes care of all those who have a sore heart. God promises to bring back all that we have lost. The ways of God are unfathomable; who can judge them? God can raise up a mum or dad from another family who would provide you with multifaceted support as the deceased would have done. This gesture of love would mop up much of the distress. The Lord goes above and beyond our expectations. Let's trust Him. Excellent Sunday. Amen Alain Louz.-

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