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Let us aspire to the maturity of life in Jesus Christ

Tuesday, May 9, 2023

Theme: "Let us aspire to the maturity of life in Jesus Christ"

Text: Psalms 73:23-28


23. However I am always with you, You grabbed my right hand; 24. You will lead me by your counsel, Then you will receive me in glory. 25. Who else do I have in heaven but you! And on earth I only take pleasure in you. 26. My flesh and my heart can be consumed: God will always be the rock of my heart and my portion. 27. For behold, those who turn away from you perish; You destroy all those who are unfaithful to you. 28. For me, it is my good to draw near to God: I place my refuge in the Lord, the Eternal, In order to tell of all your works.

Let's remember:

Maturity is a period of life characterized by full spiritual, physical, intellectual and emotional development. It is a position that we adopt when we have reached the fullness of our development. Spiritual maturity is a process that does not depend on age, but on a state of mind, better, on invested faith in God. In the natural world, we notice that there is rarely an overall maturity. Often, maturity relates to a few areas of life. Few people are mature in every way. However, God calls us to an all-round maturity, a general maturity. Let us be led by God in all areas of life so that maturity is integral and not partial. Let the Lord God take us by the right hand so that we are under his guidance. Thus, God will lead us by his counsel, then he will receive us in glory. There is no better leader than God. He is already the path, he accompanies us on this path that he himself is, he still illuminates the same path that he is always himself, because his Word is a lamp at our feet and a light on our path. . Who will we have better than our God? Maturity is knowing that the world can abandon us, poverty can visit us for a while, but God is our greatest wealth that nothing and no one can steal from us, unless we go and play in the court of the devil. Excellent Tuesday. Amen

Alain Louz.-

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