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Jesus is welcomed as King

Wednesday March 29, 2023

Theme: “Jesus is welcomed as King Text: Isaiah 57:14-16

14. It will be said: Clear, clear, prepare the way, Remove every obstacle from the way of my people! 15. For thus says the Most High, whose dwelling is eternal and whose name is holy: I dwell in high places and in holiness; But I am with the contrite and humbled man, To revive the humbled spirits, To revive the contrite hearts. 16. I don't want to dispute forever, Nor keep an eternal anger, When in front of me the spirits fail, The souls that I have made.

Let's remember:

Let us wake up from the prolonged sleep which prevents us from preparing for the arrival of the Lord Jesus. We must make way for the Lord in order to enable the conversion of the greatest number of those who are not yet saved. Let's mark the way of his arrival. Let us work hard by rejecting idleness and laziness, things that will not make our task any easier. Wherever there is no path, it is up to us to clear it, it is up to us to create it. Let us be zealous and not lazy; let us work better and better at the work of the Lord for there is a certain reward. For the Lord Jesus Christ to make a triumphal entry into our lives, into those of our families, into our communities; we must prepare our hearts. We must make the saving decision to welcome him as King. This is why each must prepare his heart and his life to welcome the Lord as King. But when a King comes, he must find salubrity, order, sanctification, coherence and also communion. Let our time be used to be well disposed to welcome Jesus Christ as King. If we welcome him as King, then we are his subjects, but also his princes; those who live and work in the royal court. Let's not neglect ourselves. Excellent Wednesday. Amen. Alain Louz.-

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