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How to give to God for the recovery of his community?

Tuesday July 11, 2023

Theme: "How to give to God for the recovery of his community?" Text: Exodus 30:34-38

34. And the LORD said unto Moses, Take spice, stacca, fragrant nail, galbanum, and pure frankincense, in equal parts. 35. You will make with it a perfume composed according to the art of the perfumer; it will be salty, pure and holy. 36. Thou shalt grind it into powder, and shalt put it before the testimony, in the tent of meeting, where I shall meet with thee. It will be a most holy thing to you. 37. You shall not make for yourselves a similar perfume, in the same proportions; you will regard it as holy, and reserved for the Eternal. 38. Anyone who does the like, to feel it, will be cut off from his people.

Let's remember:

The salty, pure, holy fragrance represents the limitless and limitless perfections of Christ. It is a dispensation of perfection found only in Jesus and no other creature. Christ is a precious gift from God to mankind; a sacrifice eternally unequaled in value. It is the heart of God who gives himself in the flesh among men who have hearts of stone and who do not know how to distinguish the divine from the human. This purity found in Christ must be that which the gift one makes to God must assume. No gift should be impure, as long as it must be offered to the holy God. The gift we give to God must be unlike any other gift we have given to humans. Based on its value, its beauty, its weight, its age, its condition, its purity, its origin in short, the donation must be sufficiently healthy and holy before depositing it with the authorized services. In the same way that Jesus was prepared in the heavenly city before his arrival on earth, it is in the same way that our gift must be polished before it begins. Don't give vile things to God. God is not a garbage can or a sorting center to give him used things. Nevertheless, a heart worn out by sin can be given to God for atonement. At the height of our expectations invested in God, let us follow our gift to his work to advance the community. Every gift given to God must have a sweet-smelling fragrance, it must touch the sensibility of God. Whenever a gift is given to God, it must have the same smell, the same perfume, the same value, the same standing that God loves, so it must be given with the greatest love. A gift given to God will be regarded as holy, and reserved for the Lord. As for those who embezzle the gifts intended for God; they must be excluded from the positions they hold within the community. Excellent Tuesday. Amen Alain Louz.-

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