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How to give to God for the recovery of his community?

Monday July 10, 2023

Theme: "How to give to God for the recovery of his community?" Text: 1 Chronicles 29:6-11

6. The heads of the paternal houses, the heads of the tribes of Israel, the heads of thousands and hundreds, and the stewards of the king made offerings voluntarily. 7. They gave for the service of the house of God five thousand talents of gold, ten thousand darics, ten thousand talents of silver, eighteen thousand talents of bronze, and a hundred thousand talents of iron. 8. Those who had stones delivered them for the treasure of the house of the LORD into the hands of Jehiel the Gershonite. 9. The people rejoiced in their freewill offerings, for it was with a willing heart that they offered them to the LORD; and king David also had great joy. 10. David blesses the Lord in the presence of the whole assembly. He said: Blessed are you, from eternity to eternity, LORD God of our father Israel. 11. To you, O LORD, the greatness, the strength and the magnificence, the eternity and the glory, for all that is in heaven and on earth is yours; Yours, O LORD, is the kingdom, for you exalt yourself supremely above all!

Let's remember:

For the recovery of a community, it is mandatory to put your hand in your pocket. Each member must open their wallet and support the activity. If there is a work of God or other community activity, let's build it ourselves without waiting for help from funding agencies. If they come to finance, they will want to enact the modus operandi that brings foreign gods into our communities. Members should not be told to contribute financially or materially to build the community, that goes without saying. Should we remind the faithful that they must build their own buildings? If we love God, we will willingly contribute without waiting for appeals from funds. Leaders must be the first to contribute and set the pace, they must set the pace to serve as a model. There was a time when charitable activities were done in the name of families; and it was the heads of families who set the tone. Following this prayer, David noted a fact which is the turning point of the gift to God; he says this in verse 14b. “Everything comes from you (God), and we receive from your hand what we offer you”. This state of mind should characterize us in order to understand that our goods belong to God and that we should give back to him what can be used to advance the community. Finally, the gift is a surge of heart, a surge of love felt by a soul that is inflamed with the desire to serve God. Our way of giving is enough to determine our love for God. The first gift we must make to God is our heart, the gift of self. Excellent Monday. Amen Alain Louz.-

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