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Have no fear

Monday, September 5, 2022

Theme: “Have no fear» Text: Genesis 26:21-22

21. His servants dug another well, about which they also sought a quarrel; and he called it Sitna. 22. He moved from there, and dug another well, for which no quarrel was sought; and he called it Rehoboth, for, he said, the LORD has now set us free, and we shall prosper in the land.

Let's remember:

Nope! darkness will not always reign on the earth where there are now struggles, anxieties and threats. The persecution will not last forever. God always puts an end to the aggressions that the devil tries to impose on us. In serenity, calm, lucidity and tranquility; every Christian must build his faith, his life and therefore the foundations of his journey on the rock, Jesus Christ. By doing so, we are reassured. Today's battles prepare us for tomorrow's victories. Conversely, today's elevation will arouse jealousy and envy. Malicious spirits feed only on their wickedness. Let's not be afraid of them. The Eternal God is greater than our battles; He is greater than the devil and all his servants put together. Who shall we be afraid of? For our peace and that of ours, we can set ourselves apart by moving from a problematic environment to one that is peaceful. Let's leave Sitna because of the strife and settle in Rehoboth where there is peace. Let's leave everything and dig a new well. Excellent Monday without fear. Amen Alain Louz.-

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