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God's Purposes for the Welfare of His People

Sunday August 6, 2023

Theme: "God's Purposes for the Welfare of His People" Text: Isaiah 14:24-27

24. The LORD of hosts has sworn it, saying: Yes, what I have decided will happen, what I have decided will be done. 25. I will crush the Assyrian in my land, I will trample him under foot on my mountains; And his yoke will be taken away from them, And his burden will be taken off their shoulders. 26. This is the resolution taken against all the earth, This is the hand stretched out over all the nations. 27. The LORD of hosts has taken this resolution: who will oppose it? His hand is stretched out: who will turn it away?

Let's remember:

When God's purpose is established, who will oppose it? and since his hand is stretched out: who will turn it away? Person! Even when the war councils of the greatest nations would meet to oppose a design of God, it would only result in defeat. Legions of evildoers and a cohort of plotters would not suffice to nullify a plan of God. However, there is one person who can cancel a plan of God, or nevertheless delay it: it is the refractory, disobedient, cold, lukewarm, rebellious Christian. He can delay the fulfillment of God's purpose in his life, notwithstanding the sovereignty of God, which can cause him to close his eyes and forgive. If it were up to men or spirits, no one can stand in the way of God's face and contest his plan for a person, a community, a nation. To oppose God requires the intervention of another god who is above Him. Now, there is no other God except the Lord of hosts, El Shaddai the Almighty God. This message should rejoice every heart in love with God because it is an opportunity to appropriate this irrefutable truth. Rejoice in having a God that nothing and no one can stop when he takes a resolution, a plan. Therefore, our well-being is not an issue that can be challenged by a creature of this world. Let us be reassured, the well-being of the people of God is a primary concern for the Eternal, he watches over it and accomplishes it at all times. Every design of God will happen, what he has resolved will be accomplished, even if it means breaking the giants of this world. Excellent wellness Sunday. Amen Alain Louz.-

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