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Fighting corruption for sustainable development

Tuesday, June 13, 2023

Theme : "Fighting corruption for sustainable development" Text : Exodus 23:8-9

8. You will receive no present; for gifts blind those who have their eyes opened and corrupt the words of the righteous. 9. Thou shalt not oppress the stranger; you know how the stranger feels, for you were strangers in the land of Egypt.

Let's remember:

Fighting corruption should not be a filler of slogans and window dressing to give the impression of doing useful work. We have to make very strong and expressive gestures. Our involvement must be remarkable. One of the strong signals to send to people is that of "blinding" gifts. Indeed, gifts are a poison for morality, a poison for judgment, they supplant justice and therefore fairness but also common sense / judgment and lucidity; especially when the recipient is dazzled by it. Gifts weaken the person who receives them at the same time as they enhance the one who gives them. The receiving hand is always weakened; it is below that which gives. The hand that gives crushes the one that receives. Corruption easily sets in when gifts flow freely. Here is how we can summarize the gesture of a poisoned gift: “I give you a gift and you close your eyes to everything I will do”. By the way, the gift only destroys those who have some weakness to say "no". Precisely, we must learn to say "no" when we notice attitudes tending to corruption. Gifts blind the open-eyed and corrupt the words of the righteous. The gift benefits a single person or even a small group of people, it creates cracks in the circuit of control / verification / validation and that of repression. Favors are bought with gifts. So when receiving a gift, let's keep our eyes open so as not to be blinded or dazzled by it. If we fight corruption, sustainable development will easily take hold. Excellent Tuesday. Amen Alain Louz.-

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