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Do your job well because your remuneration depends on it

Friday November 3, 2023

Theme: “Do your job well because your remuneration depends on it Text: Proverbs 10:4

4. He who acts with a cowardly hand becomes poor, but the hand of the diligent makes rich.

Let's remember:

Verse 3 of this same chapter 10 does not contradict the verse being studied since it is written: "The Lord does not let the righteous suffer from hunger...". Some people may believe that the Lord God encourages idleness while teaching us to rely on Him even when we work hard. It is He who gives us the strength to do our daily task better. It is He, the Lord, who tenses our muscles so as not to have a loose hand. Last week we explained that a cowardly hand is one that shrinks from false danger, minimal risk, adversity and even major professional challenges. The expression cowardly hand means weak, timid, coward, coward or finally sissy. In the professional field, one must never act with a loose hand at the risk of impoverishing oneself. The person who would act in this way would have no possibility of facing the challenges in their field, they will always be afraid of moving forward towards a wonderful career plan. She could not even plan to create new opportunities. If we want to be effective in our activities, let us act with a firm hand, without being extremist, without paranoia, without muzzling our neighbors but by maintaining a strong determination to do our work well. Let's not accumulate tasks. Let's put together a work plan. Let's share the tasks with others and follow up. Let’s do the self-assessment. Let's be diligent and productive, expeditious (in a good way), let's remove procrastination and self-deprecation which are very ineffective in the professional career. Excellent Friday and good start to the weekend. Amen Alain Louz.-

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