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Compassion in the Ministry of Jesus Christ

Wednesday February 9, 2022

Theme : “ Compassion in the Ministry of Jesus Christ Text : Matthew 9:1-8

1. Jesus, getting into a boat, crossed the sea, and went to his city. 2. And behold, a paralytic was brought to him lying on a bed. Jesus, seeing their faith, said to the paralytic: Take courage, my child, your sins are forgiven you. 3. Whereupon some of the scribes said within them, This man blasphemes. 4. And Jesus, knowing their thoughts, said: Why have you evil thoughts in your hearts? 5. For which is easier, to say, Your sins are forgiven, or to say, Arise, and walk? 6. So that you may know that the Son of Man has on earth the power to forgive sins: Get up, he said to the paralytic, take up your bed, and go to your house. 7. And he arose, and went to his house. 8. When the crowd saw this, they were seized with fear, and they glorified God, who gave men such power.

Let's remember:

The murmurings of the scribes did not drown out the compassion of Jesus Christ manifested throughout his ministry. On the contrary, they were like a trigger, better a motivating factor that would set off a miracle. When Jesus saw sick people coming to Him who preferred to seek healing from God than from hospitals; his compassion responded with an answer. Indeed, Jesus knew that these diseases were the consequence of sin. Now, when the sinner draws near to God in faith, divine compassion is activated in granting forgiveness. Once forgiveness is received; healing could only follow without delay. Jesus' compassion could not resist seeing the sick come to Him without responding with forgiveness and healing. His answer covered spirit, soul and flesh. The compassion of Jesus was multidimensional because it caused the healing of the patient in all his entities. If we are sincere in going to Him, His compassion will manifest; we will receive the forgiveness of our sins and He will heal us. Excellent Wednesday. Amen Alain Louz.-

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