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Being in Abundant Love

Saturday May 6, 2023

Theme: “Being in Abundant Love Text: Jeremiah 12:7-9

7. I abandoned my home, I abandoned my inheritance, I delivered the object of my love into the hands of his enemies. 8. My inheritance was to me like a lion in the forest, He roared against me; That's why I hated him. 9. My inheritance was for me a bird of prey, a hyena; Also the birds of prey will come from all sides against him. Go, gather all the animals of the fields, Bring them to devour him!

Let's remember:

When we live in an environment that demands impossible things from us while we are innocent, raise our eyes to the mountains from where help will come to us. Abundant love is about leaving hostile environments to seek peace and continue to better serve God. We must not cling to goods or inheritance when all this is the object of threats, conflicts, various heartbreaks. Abundant love does not set itself up as a settling of scores, nor does it set up itself as revenge. Let us leave our fate in the hands of the Eternal God, for it is His the vengeance, His the retribution. This is valid for the family, friendships, the professional environment, the church, the country in short where our love is threatened. Instead of falling into hatred and resentment, it is better to move to find peace. Some environments are hostile despite our desire to distill peace, joy, love. In the same way the Eternal God lets us do when we lack faithfulness, spiritual stability to the point of prostituting our faith; until the day we come to our senses like Nebuchadnezzar who lost his mind and went to live with the animals of the forest (Daniel 4:34). To retain our abundant love, let us hold fast to God rather than to the controversial inheritance. Excellent Saturday. Amen Alain Louz.-

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