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Be in abundant faith

Wednesday February 15, 2023

Theme: “Be in abundant faith Text: Romans 1:5-6

5. through whom we have received grace and apostleship, to bring all Gentiles to the obedience of faith in his name, 6. among whom you are also, you who were called by Jesus Christ-

Let's remember:

From the womb, God had set us apart to announce his Gospel to the Gentiles. Arrived in this world, we serve as messenger of God according to his marvelous plan. God has given us the grace to preach the gospel to the Gentiles in order to win them to Christ. This same gospel benefits converts who also need the tools of spiritual perfection in order to stay upright at all times without losing their bearings. Despite salvation, let us know that God grants us to have abundant faith to go and sin those who are still in darkness. Abundant faith also consists in receiving those who come to announce the good news to us. Whether we go to preach, or whether we receive the messengers of God, on both sides, we are in abundant faith. Let us maintain our faith so that it remains abundant. Abundant faith is nourished by the Word of God and obedience to it. Abundant faith hates sin and banishes doubt. If we want to remain in abundant faith, let us work faithfully within our apostolate, do useful work in discipleship according to the will of God. Let us be ready at all times, either to go preach, or to receive the workers of God who come to teach us. Excellent Wednesday. Amen Alain Louz.-

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