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Be in abundant faith

Monday February 13, 2023

Theme: “Be in abundant faith Text: 2 Thessalonians 1:3

3. We must continually give thanks to God, brothers, for you, as is just, because your faith is making great progress, and the charity of each of you towards others is increasing more and more. .

Let's remember:

Faith is the assurance given to be faithful to one's word, to accomplish exactly what one has promised (Le Robert dictionary). Faith also means commitment. Faith becomes abundant when it is fruitful, fertile, rich… when it makes a difference, when it stands out and takes flight by carrying out actions that go beyond the threshold of basic faith. Being in abundant faith no longer allows us to live in doubt, in laziness, in negligence, in fear, in hesitation. The path to abundant faith is to literally surrender to the Lord, trusting Him completely and walking in the light of His Word. Let us subscribe to the register of abundant faith in order to guarantee our salvation but also to have an active part in the work of God; do exploits with Yahweh. Thus, let us be good soldiers of Jesus Christ, very committed and strengthened forever. Excellent Monday. Amen Alain Louz.-

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