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Be happy

​Wednesday January 31, 2024

Theme: “Be happy

Text: Psalms 41:1-4

1. (41:1) To the chief singer. Psalm of David. (41:2) Happy is he who cares for the poor! In the day of evil the Lord delivers him; 2. (41:3) The LORD keeps him and preserves his life. He is happy on earth, And you do not deliver him to the pleasure of his enemies. 3. (41:4) The LORD upholds him on his bed of sorrow; You relieve him in all his illnesses. 4. (41:5) I said: LORD, have mercy on me; Heal my soul! for I have sinned against you.

Let's remember:

To be happy is to enjoy happiness, it is to be lastingly content with one's lot. To be happy is to manifest happiness or to be marked by happiness. But where does this happiness come from? What makes us happy? We will be truly happy when we take care of the needy, when we open our hearts to our neighbor to help him; without expecting anything from him. This text is about the poor; this should not be limited to the poor; especially since we ourselves are not “rich” in the strict sense of the word. But in God we are rich because heavenly provisions are within our reach every day. If we lack it, we only have to ask our Heavenly Father; he will be gracious to us. In return, it is up to us to redistribute family wealth even to rebellious children who do not want to listen to the voice of Daddy God. The poor are not necessarily the destitute of society who stand at the corner of the street; No. The poor person can be poor in spirit, he can be a person without faith in God, he can be a Christian cooled by the trials of life. In France, we say that someone is poor when they have to live on less than 1026 euros per month. 1026 euros is what we call the poverty line. Lise Marsan defines spiritual poverty as “our refusal to love, our sins, our closed heart…”, she specifies the meaning of the word “poor” as “one who is aware of an emptiness and who turns to God”. In the day of evil, our God, the Lord, delivers him who cares for the poor. He guards him and preserves his life. His altruism is rewarded by God and he is happy on earth. God protects him and does not hand him over to the pleasure of his enemies. The Lord upholds him on his bed of sorrow; he relieves him in all his illnesses. Have a great Wednesday. Amen

Alain Louz.-

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